The Golden Verses. A call from Pythagoras | 3 – 7 June 2019

A 5-day retreat.

The Golden Verses. A call from Pythagoras.

3-7 June, in Abeliona Retreat, Peloponnese, Greece.


Chiron Retreats present:

A 5-day retreat on “The Golden Verses: A manual on wellbeing by Pythagoras”, full of nature, knowledge and harmony.

The retreat will take place on 3-7 June, in Abeliona Retreat, Peloponnese, Greece. We will stay in a 4-star, retreat facility, a stone’s throw from the temple of Apollo Epicurius.

In this programme, we will learn, step by step, how to build our magnificent self, based on the Pythagorean philosophy.

We will nurture our soul through a modern psychotherapeutic approach, Chiron Therapy, based on ancient Greek thought: Philosophy, Language Etymology, and the Myths/Archetypes of Ancient Greece.

«The awareness that we have a magnificent and superior character disorganizes us more than the awareness that we are petty and unworthy. Naturally, we are both. However, we usually do not discover these two aspects at the same time. Gold is associated with the higher calling… Ignoring our golden part is equally destructive to ignoring the dark side of our soul». (R. A. Johnson)

Prices start at € 1.080. The fee includes:

  • 4-star accommodation in the Abeliona Retreat in spacious luxury suites. (4 nights).
  • Full board – 3 meals / day with organic products, plus healthy snacks (5 days).
  • Transportation by private bus to and from the Abeliona Retreat.
  • Transportation to and from the Temple of Epicurius Apollo.
  • Daily classes, three times a day, on the Golden Verses and Pythagoras’ diet.
  • Guided meditation.
  • Chiron Retreats Team of 8 people to take care of your needs.

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By visiting a Chiron Retreat, participants will experience our “Chiron Therapy” approach which is based on the activation of three important therapeutic tools of the Ancient Greek thought:

  1. Philosophy;
  2. Language Etymology;
  3. the Myths/Symbols/Archetypes

The scope of Chiron Therapy is the highest therapy, i.e. the “Know Thyself,” which leads to the reunion of man with the “Virtuous Intelligence” that resides within us. It is rather an attitude towards life that reminds us how to evaluate “Life” (Ζην) by employing the sacred ancient Greek art of “Living Well” (Ευ Ζην)

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April 4, 2019