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Nestled in the heart of Arcadia, where mythology and reality intertwine, Abeliona Retreat invites you to a sanctuary of untamed beauty and spiritual resonance. Explore the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, visit St. Theodora Church, marvel at Neda Waterfalls, and wander through the medieval town of Karytaina.

the Temple of Apollo Epicurius

Visit the Temple of Apollo Epicurius

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a marvel of classical antiquity, the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, constructed in the 5th century BC by Iktinos, stands as a testament to Greece's architectural prowess. Comparable in significance to the Acropolis, the temple's mythological origins narrate how the people of Fygaleia dedicated it to Apollo, expressing gratitude for overcoming a devastating epidemic—a gesture that earned Apollo the epithet "Epicurius" for his role in healing.

Distance: 9.6km

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ST. Theodora Church

Visit ST. Theodora Church

Legend intertwines with nature at the miraculous Church of Saint Theodora in Vasta. According to the tale, as Saint Theodora neared her end, she beseeched for her transformation into nature: her hair to become trees, her blood to flow as a river, and her body to reside within a church. The 12th-century church in Vasta stands as a living testament, adorned with a roof that hosts seventeen trees penetrating walls and roof alike. Visitors can witness the continuous flow of water from the foundations, connecting them with this mystical narrative.

Distance: 36km

Neda Waterfalls

Neda Waterfalls

Neda, the sole river in Greece with a feminine identity, traces its name to the ancient nymph Neda, one of the three nymphs entrusted with nursing the god Zeus. Cascading with grace, the waterfalls vary in height, ranging from a modest 7 meters to a majestic 20 meters. Creating enchanting turquoise-hued pools, especially inviting during the summer, the falls beckon visitors for a revitalizing dip, connecting them with the mythic origins of this idyllic river.

Distance: 25,9km

Karytaina arcadia peloponnese

Wander the medieval town of Karytaina

Karytaina, documented as early as the 13th century, stands today as a quintessential traditional village. Its charm is accentuated by a medieval castle and numerous Byzantine churches that enrich the historic panorama. Dominating the landscape is the impeccably preserved Frankish castle crowning the hilltop. This castle, a strategic base during the Greek Revolution of 1821 and intertwined with Kolokotronis's activities, remains a captivating testament to Karytaina's enduring history.

Distance: 37,8km

Andritsaina arcadia peloponnese

Walk in the backstreets of Andritsaina

Nestled on the verdant slopes of Lykaion, Andritsaina evolved during the 12th-13th centuries. This picturesque town annually draws numerous admirers of its well-preserved mansions, labyrinthine alleys, and a square adorned with towering trees, encapsulating the quintessence of traditional Greek villages. The renowned Big Spring (Trani Vrisi), dating back to 1724, adds to the allure, being the oldest in the Peloponnese and a cherished landmark.

Distance: 14,5km

Ancient Olympia

Organize a trip to Ancient Olympia

Evidence of human habitation in Olympia traces back to the 4th millennium BC, marking the inception of a site that would become the revered sanctuary of ancient Greece. It stood as the enduring host of the ancient Olympic Games, making it one of the most celebrated and renowned archaeological sites globally. The palpable energy and historical significance make a visit to Olympia an unparalleled experience.

Distance: 63,5km

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Thrilling outdoor adventures await, surrounded by nature's scenic beauty