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Create lasting memories by organizing your own retreat at our haven. Tailor every detail to your vision, from serene yoga sessions to gastronomic delights sourced from local producers.

The Yurt

Perched serenely on our estate's zenith, the sanctuary unfolds, revealing a breathtaking panoramic vista. Encompassing 80 sq.m., this haven exudes a distinctive energy, fostering an ideal ambiance for yoga, meditation, and diverse therapeutic group endeavors.

Yurt Sanctuary

Empower Your Retreat Experience Amid Nature's Embrace

Crafted from natural materials, the yurt envelops you in a secluded ambiance, creating an ideal setting for yoga and meditation. Its circular design enhances unity with the surroundings, fostering a harmonious connection between nature and inner well-being. The yurt's palpable spiritual resonance invites you to embark on a transformative journey within, urging you to take control and organize your unique retreat experience.

Harmonious Haven

Empower Your Retreat: The Yurt Pavilion Unveiled

Discover the versatile 50 sq.m. pavilion beneath the yurt, a dynamic space serving as both a serene relaxation area and an invigorating outdoor session venue. Nestled in the lush embrace of nature, this pavilion seamlessly complements the yurt experience. Transition effortlessly between rejuvenating activities and tranquil contemplation moments. Whether you crave solace, therapeutic practices, or simply revel in breathtaking views, the yurt and its pavilion offer a holistic haven. Take charge of your well-being journey and curate your own retreat experience within this harmonious sanctuary.

yurt at arcadia peloponnese

Gastronomic Harmony at Abeliona Retreat

At Abeliona Retreat, our kitchen is dedicated to using pure, high-quality raw materials. We have designed our distinctive cuisine with attention to detail and a love for gastronomy. The option for a custom menu is always welcomed, allowing our guests to create their own culinary experience. Additionally, we offer vegan options for those who prefer a plant-based approach to their food. In this way, our kitchen emphasizes diversity and caters to all the gastronomic preferences of our guests.