Yoga, Meditation and Nature with Happy Studio

Yoga, Meditation and Nature with Happy Studio
A three-day trip close to nature, in idyllic Abeliona, a traditional village built on the imaginary crossroads of three prefectures, Arcadia, Ilia and Messinia. A village surrounded by chestnut forests and countless natural springs, cobbled streets and old stone houses, There is the unique Abeliona Retreat, built on the slope of a mountain, overlooking the Arcadian plateau, an area of unique natural beauty. A blessed place, where man and nature are in harmony.

There we will spend a weekend full of yoga, meditation, nature hikes and delicious local cuisine. We will recharge our batteries and discover our own personal secrets of happiness! On this journey you will be accompanied by Christina Anifanti, the inspirer of The Happy Studio and Lillian Tsertou, LIfe & Business Coach with many years of experience in coaching individuals and companies.
Dedicate a weekend exclusively to yourself!

The Retreat includes:
•‚Äč 2 breakfasts
• 2 traditional local meals
• 2 morning yoga classes
• 2 evening yoga classes - meditation/yoga nidra
• 4 hours Life coaching session - "Happiness is a state of mind"
• hiking in the chestnut forest or to the temple of Apollo Epicurus

Additional activities for those who wish:

• mountain e-bike ride (rented at the venue)
• private session with Lillian upon request (extra charge)