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Are you searching for a life of purpose and fulfillment?

At any age, we all face critical decisions and challenges—relationships, career choices, self-discovery. Human Design will guide you through these obstacles.

Life can be perplexing. Questions arise:

"Who am I?
What's my purpose?
How can I make the right choices?"

The problem is uncertainty. Human Design offers a solution—a roadmap to clarity.

Abeliona Retreat
Human design

Human design holds the potential to profoundly change your life.

Human Design is your unique guide, unveiling your authentic self, illuminating your path, and showcasing your inherent purpose.Imagine confidently navigating decisions, discovering the perfect career, cultivating fulfilling relationships, and uncovering your life's purpose.

Thousands like you have experienced the transformational power of Human Design.

Genuine testimonials testify to its transformative influence on lives. It's not just a concept; it's a tangible path to a better life.

Life is an adventure waiting to be explored, one filled with clarity, fulfillment, and purpose.

Learn about human design and its transformative path and bring awareness to your life.

Change your life!

Schedule your analysis, and let your story of transformation begin
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What is your energy type?

Start with embracing your unique energy type.

Discover your Energy Type, a key to abundant opportunities and life's flow. Embrace your uniqueness! Your Human Design chart holds the answers.

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Initiators of Change

Human design Greece

The Driving Life Force

Human design Greece

Guiding Lights

Human design Greece

Mirrors of the World

Love is about oneself first

Relationships are profound opportunities for growth and self-discovery. This reading offers insights into the dynamics between partners, revealing strengths and challenges. It serves as a guide for both individuals to authentically follow their Human Design strategy and inner authority, fostering mutual acceptance and allowing love to flourish.

relationships and human design
child-development and human design
Child Development
Revealing their true selves: A Parent's Guide to Human Design

Unlock your child's true potential by understanding their unique design. Reduce conditioning, nurture authenticity, and guide them towards a fulfilling path in life. A transformative gift for your family.

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Stories of Discovery
Transformations Through Human Design

Human Design has been an enlightening journey. It's like a personalized roadmap to my true self. Life's challenges have become opportunities, and I've found purpose and peace.

Dimitra Papadopoulos Meditation expert

Human Design is a revelation. It's transformed my relationships, career, and self-understanding. I now navigate life with confidence, aligning with my unique design. Invaluable!

Nikos Antonopoulos Yoga teacher

My experience with Human Design is life-changing. It's an incredible source of self-awareness, providing clarity in times of confusion. A magnificent tool for personal growth.

Eleni Georgiou Teacher
spyros angelopoulos

About Me

In the vibrant tapestry of my early 20s, I wove my academic pursuits at Boston College into the fabric of my life. The corridors of Business Administration whispered to me their secrets, and I, in turn, longed to infuse my family's Greek hotel empire with innovation. Procurement, HR, Quality, Internal Audit, and IT became the notes in the symphony I conducted.

Yet, as I reached the crossroads of my mid-thirties, I realized that my path had diverged from my soul's true calling. A quest for self-discovery unfurled before me, an ever-evolving odyssey. Psychotherapy became my looking glass, a portal to the depths of my being. It was during these transformative years that I also emerged as a Usui Reiki Master, channeling the energies of the universe.

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