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Yoga & massage with Nektaria

This summer we stay healthy, we regain our composure and we enjoy the nature in the mountains! For the summer season, from July 1 to August 31, Abeliona Retreat offers its guests group and private Yoga classes, as well as unique Massage treatments in collaboration with Nektaria.

With intense educational activity over the last twenty years and over 2,500 hours of certified training herself in massage and Yoga, Nektaria will help you restore your balance and serenity. Her goal is to create space into your hearts and hands, enhance guests of Abeliona Retreat into feeling the body as a whole with the mind and soul and start deepening the connection between.


  • Group Yoga Classes for all levels:
    • Every day at 19:00-20:10, except Sunday
    • Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 08:30-09:40
  • Private Yoga Classes & Massage Treatments: Available upon request



Our Group (3+ students) sessions are taking place in the most tranquil place in the forest, in the Yurt, and are welcoming all levels’ students. This Hatha Yoga approached, 70min experience includes Meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques), derived Asanas for all levels students, and Yoga Nidra (relaxation at the end of every lesson). Even if it will be your first time ever trying Yoga or you are a devoted practitioner, in this lesson you will find what you are looking for in an excellent, traditional and respectful practice.

Enjoy your Private Yoga session for a full length of 90min, designed on your needs.


  • Group Yoga Session (70min): 10 Euros/person
  • Private Yoga Session (90min) – 1 person: 30 Euros/person
  • Private Yoga Session (90min) – 2 persons: 45 Euros/2 persons


The best way to relax your body and mind, to unburden yourself of stress and to offer a special gift to yourself. Discover your favourite treatments through the wide variety we offer and give yourself an unforgettable holistic experience of 30 ‘, 60’ or 90’.


  • 30min Massage Treatment: 30 Euros/person
  • 60min Massage Treatment: 55 Euros/person
  • 90min Massage Treatment: 75 Euros/person

We offer the following TYPES of MASSAGE TREATMENTS:

30min Massage Treatments – Start your holidays in a holy way!

  1. Back Massage / 30min-30€

The most needed treatment for everyone. We all feel the need to release tension in the neck, shoulders, back and waist areas, our most hurt parts of the body in this fuzzy modern world. This focused treatment can be applied with relieving properties oil on a massage table or applied on an expertized massage chair with your clothes on.


  • Exquisite Head Massage / 30min-30€

Feel pampered like a baby. Enhance in an experience of a shoulders, neck, face & head massage originated in the ancient Ayurveda tradition. Organic moisturizing Oils and Essentials will take off the beginning of your holidays, leaving you stress-free to enjoy your break from the city in a unique way.


  • Reflexology Oil & Sticks / 30min-30€

All native traditions know the importance of the feet in connection to neurological release of tiredness and boost of the immune system. Special Treatment for the feet & hands using organic oils and ancient wooden tools, toning circulation and offering deep relaxation.


 60min Massage Treatments – Dive into your spirit!

  1. Relaxation Aromatherapy Massage / 60min-55€

Unfold the qualities of deep mind and body relaxation with this head to toe massage. Mild to soft pressure, a combination of Swedish and Lomi Lomi Hawaiian techniques and the unique essential oils of your preference will take you on a journey in your inner safety place.                           


  • Therapeutic Oil Massage / 60min-55€

A personalized bodywork oil treatment, with tailor made techniques based on your specific needs, such as computer syndrome, tendinitis, lower back pain and more. This full body treatment, can make the difference for your holidays.


  • Traditional Thai Massage / 60min-55€

Fly away to ancient Thailand, let your self be pampered on a clothes-on massage, on a special kapok mattress with acupressure and stretches, following the tradition of the Thai Meridians for an authentic and exquisite experience.


90min Massage Treatments – The best gift to give yourself!

  1. Therapeutic Thai Massage / 90min-75€

Allow yourself to experience the unique care you deserve. Let the mind, body and spirit unfold their therapeutic qualities and our therapist take extra care of your specific needs.


  • Combined Treatments / 90min-75€

Choose any treatment of our 60 & 30min and offer yourself the present of a complete personalized service in an excellent price.


Extra Information:

*The oils and essential oils we use in all our treatments are from organic, indigenous Hellenic herbs, locally produced and fairly trade.

**Treatments upon request.

For inquiries and booking, please contact us at +306980805584 and/or

juin 11, 2020